Dry Skin- when the exodermis begs for moisture


Dry skin lacks luster and that makes it look terribly dull. Wrinkles first appear on dry skin and the process is quite faster in comparison to other types of skin. When our skin is hydrated, automatically it glows with health. The key to younger looking wrinkle free skin is proper care of skin not just externally but by diet as well.

Why does our skin get dry? Our skin contains oil glands, which stimulate oil that keeps our skin supple. Just like excessive oil is harmful for the skin, even when oil glands stop producing sufficient oil then our skin becomes dry.

Some factors that cause dryness of our skin are:

  • Sometimes we might get dry skin due to genetic factors.
  • Cold weather is harsh on our skin and often it erodes the natural moisture of the skin making it look flaky.
  • Improper diet is an important reason for dryness in our skin. When skin lacks essential nutrients that help the skin get its food, our skin becomes dry.
  • With age, our skin loses its ability to retain moisture and this result in dry skin.
  • External reasons like harsh chemical properties in soap, chlorinated water, very hot water and strong cosmetics make our skin dry.
  • Diabetes, psoriasis, hypothyroidism or eczema are some of the diseases that cause excessive dry skin.
  • Some medicines are often the cause of dry skin. They are antihistamines, antispasmodics and diuretics.

We can retain healthy supple skin if we just take care of a few things in our everyday life. Junk food and oily food also affects skin in different ways.

We should follow certain things in our daily lives that will surely help:

  • Instead of using harsh soaps use cleansers with neutral pH balance to restore the moisture. Never use hot water on skin as it makes skin dry.
  • While wiping your skin, a soft cloth or tissue can be used instead of rough towels.
  • A sprayer can be used to moisten the skin – best use mineral water.
  • Moisturize your skin regularly as it feeds the upper layer of the skin with moisture making it soft.
  • Eat foods from various groups like fruits, vegetable, cereals, dairy products and carbohydrates. This gives the skin all the required nutrients keeping it healthy.
  • Mild body oil is exceptionally good for dry skin during bath.

Get smooth and young skin from these herbs: Aloe Vera is known for its moisturizing and healing properties. This can be obtained in the form of skin gel that will definitely help restore vitality in your skin. Calendula, lavender oil and tea tree oil also help skin become soft and supple.

Start eating well for preventing dry skin: Drinking plenty of water surely helps to retain wrinkle free young skin, as it keeps the skin hydrated diminishing dryness in the skin. Garlic, eggs, asparagus and onions are rich in sulfur; hence eat them as much as you can to get beautiful skin. Vitamin A and C rich foods like carrots, cantaloupes and apricots can be taken as juice or as a whole for smooth skin. Apart from these, regular exercising helps blood circulation, which is a natural cleanser from within. This way you can easily prevent dry skin.

Tips for soft and supple skin:

  • Get plenty of sleep as skin starts renewing process during this resting phase.
  • For an instant glow you can mix half avocado and few drops of lemon juice and keep it for 15 minutes.

Wipe your face off and cleanse with alternate splashes of cold and warm water. A fresh glow and a smooth skin in an instant. Also use papaya and banana, as they are natural softeners.