Sydneys Excursions


In and around Sydney there are many interesting things to visit, such as the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, the Central Coast, Hunter, Illawarra, the Port Stephens and the Southern Highlands All of them within no more than three hours away from the city.

In practice places like: parks, reserves, national parks, World Heritages, ancient mountains, springs, waterfalls, rivers, deep gorges, some beautiful beaches. In these regions you can do some sport, fitness from the kayak, ride a horse or do a camel riding, play golf at one of the many present 18-hole courses, swim in natural pools, go fishing, do windsurfing and admire the beautiful sunsets. In the Blue Mountains you can climb up to 270 meters in a glass-bottomed cable car,which is truly breathtaking when suspended over the long throats of the reef. If you rent a car you should drive along the Grand Pacific Drive through the Sea Cliff Bridge. For those who are beach lovers do not miss the beautiful beaches of the Port Stephens and Newcastle.

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains of Sydney offer many attractions and you can go for a horseback riding, rafting, climbing walls, go to the nine Jenolan caves, which are rock formations rich in small lakes and underground rivers .


Best period

Between December and February (summer) the weather is good in all the sides except from Tasmania and in the north where the rainy season and the giant jellyfish appear. In the southern states this is the right time to plunge into life on the beach and start swimming. During the summer the weather is cool, perfect for exploring the Queensland or the outback or to undertake a skiing on the snow fields of Victoria and the North South Wales.

You need to know

After a week o settling down in Australia it will seem very cheap, especially for eating and sleeping.


The hotels are cheap but so are most of the hostels and the campsites. The daily expenditure ranges is from 25 to 30 U.S. dollars a day.


The cost of the fuel is 30-40% less expensive than in Europe, ot only comes close to the outback European prices.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are accepted everywhere and are required for the rental of any car.

Getting around

It ‘s easier to find a flight than a bus in Australia, for the simple fact that the country is vast and some regions are very empty. The major airlines are Qantas and Ansett. The Greyhound Pioneer Australia is the only national bus transport.


It ‘very difficult to get to Australia without an airplane and that is why there are excellent international airports in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and Cairns. Fees The fee for the international flights is $ 20


A visa is required and documents are required for all the citizens except the “cousins” from NZ, which there are different types of ID’s. The easier and cheaper to obtain a tourist visa is free for a stay of 3 months and 25 US dollars for a stay of 6 months.


Sydney’s nightlife is fantastic, one of the best areas are the Oxford Street, Kings Cross and Darlinghurs. You can find pubs, nightclubs, restaurants and cafes, always crowded with nice people.


The city is connected in a fantastic way with all the types of public transport. You need to be avoided to rent a car, because of the traffic and parking is very expensive. Another wonderful way to visit the city is s by bicycle, because there are many bike lanes but be careful because the helmet is mandatory. Even the buses are great, they are almost never crowded and always on time. The ticket can be purchased when you get in and it is valid for a single way. For more ways (10) you can buy the TravelTen, it can only be used on buses or for the TravelPass and it is valid on all public transport for a week but it is limited to certain areas. Even taxis are readily available and the price is considerable. For the romantic ones, tips around the city is by a ferry or a Water Taxi.